Starting out

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. I’ve been trying to start for quite a while, trying to work out how to fit in the time, and in the end realising it’ll happen if I get round to starting!

I used to think the most difficult words to write on a piece of work are the first, because of the difficulty of getting started. Now I think the most difficult words are the last few, because you have to write all the other words before them first…

My aim in this blog is personal – I do think my opinion matters, but not enough to think the world needs my input to keep turning. However what I do need is space. Space to write and think and commit virtual ink to virtual paper with enough momentum to keep going. I still read a lot, but don’t get to write as much as I used to, or I’d like – apart from the weekly deliveries, of course. Hopefully that’ll change.

Welcome. Please stay awhile and read a bit. Feedback is always welcome, as long as you’re polite. Pull up a chair and come back and visit again soon.